Over the last few decades we at Camelot Designs & Construction have earned a reputation for building some of the most stylish homes in South Texas. We have been recognized for this excellence in construction through numerous awards and recognitions over the years, and our company has continued to pioneer new state-of-the-art building trends. Whether we're building an affordable home for a first time buyer, or a luxury forever home for our exceptional clientele, we put our experience to work to ensure that the finished product is a place

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"I want to thank Hugo Lara and his family and also Frank Yanez who helped me from the beginning to the end of the process I encourage everybody to come to Camelot Design & Construction and make your dream home a reality!" - Lopez Family

"My wife and I are very grateful for our experience here at Camelot. Francisco Yanez made our buying experience very easy! He made everything from thinking about how to build the house to getting the loan we didn’t think we could get very easy! Thanks Mr. Yanez and the Camelot company for being exceptional and having great customer service!"-Pena Family

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Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll make; that’s why we help you create a path to homeownership composed of quality materials, a timeless style, and your future equity in mind. Thanks to our decades of experience, we offer the very best values at prices you can afford. We excel in creating well-planned interiors and stylish spaces that work within your budget. Thanks to our seamless construction process and plentiful brand partnerships, you can trust Camelot Designs & Construction to build more value with each dollar.