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Welcome toCamelot Design & Construction

We are so glad you have taken the time to visit our website, and we look forward to helping you find your dream home in South Texas!

Locally owned and operated, Camelot Design & Construction has been building custom homes throughout the Rio Grande Valley for over fifteen years. We've quickly become one of the Valley's leading builders of quality custom homes by not meeting, but exceeding our customers expecations when building their dream home.

Over the years, Camelot has proudly served hundreds of families with our dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction as a leading home builder in South Texas.


Your Road to Home

We simplify the building process for all of the families we have the pleasure of working with!

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Get Pre-Qualified

Early in the process, it is a good idea to begin speaking to a lending professional. They'll be able to lay the groundwork for your construction budget by finding out exactly how much you'll be able to spend. If you are in need of a lender, we are happy to recommend ones that have proven trustworthy and efficient throughout our years of experience.

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Select Your Home's Location

A big part of the building process is selecting the location of your new home. The cost of the land will play an important role in your budgeting - and on occasion there are architectural controls within certain subdivisions that will also shape the way your home is designed.

If you don't know where you'd like to build your home just yet - we can help! We have access to most all new subdivisions across the Rio Grande Valley and can recommend the perfect site for your dream home!

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It's Time to Design!

No matter how long you’ve been dreaming of your building project, you probably have a basic idea of the style and design that will best fit your needs. In our initial design meeting, we'll help shape your ideas into a construction plan.

Some things you might consider bringing to the initial meeting include a list of your must-have items, as well as the ideas you dream of incorporating if the budget allows. You will also want to bring sketches, graph-paper drawings, inspirational photos, and any other documents that will help us design your project.

If you need some design guidance, you can start building your own custom home using our MyDesign center by browsing hundreds of photographs of custom homes and rooms that we've designed!

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Product Selections

Once the floor plan has been approved, it’s time for you to make some exciting choices about the products that will be used.

We'll work with you to choose the type of materials to be used so that we can finalize the price. For instance, will the flooring be ceramic tile, carpet, or hardwood? Will the exterior be brick, stone, or siding? We'll be available in every step of this process, explaining your options and offering our expertise.

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Finalize Your Investment

Camelot offers beautiful options to fit any budget! Rather than pricing our homes by square foot, we arrive at your home's final cost by adding all of the project’s individual components together - this method gives you flexibility with your design and a better overall price.

Once we finalize the cost to build your dream home, you'll move on to the last step of the financing process with your lender. As mentioned above, we are more than happy to recommend trusted and efficient lenders that we work closely with.

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Final Choices

It's time for the details! At this part of the construction process, you'll begin finalizing the details on your home such as:

  • • Flooring Colors/Textures
  • • Paint Colors
  • • Stain Colors/Types
  • • Trim Types & Color
  • • Shingle Types & Colors
  • • Exterior color(s)
  • • Plumbing fixtures
  • • Trim Types & Color
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The Construction Process Begins!

As the construction gets started, you're finally able to see your dream become a reality!


Are you ready to get the keys to your new kingdome? Contact Us!